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Academic Transcript
Evidence of Enrolment
Evidence of Qualification
Skills Assessment and Visa application
Student Conduct Report (Laws graduates)
Verification of Qualification - for third parties
Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)
Evidence of Scholarship
Request for completion of 3rd party forms (eg professional registration forms)
Testamur Replacement

Request for completion of 3rd party forms (eg professional registration forms)

Forms used to register with an organization to practice in your profession eg WES, LSAC, or others such as for employment needs, backgound checks, United Nations, Esssuper etc.  Pension forms are excluded.

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Medical Forms

Accreditation of your Medical educational credentials to an organisation you are registering with to practice overseas, eg ECFMG.  Please upload your form.

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  $29.00 AUD

Forms: issued by a third party

General type Forms to verify your qualifications or attendance at the University may be uploaded for authorising (signing and stamping) eg WES, United Nations, ESSSuper, backgound checks, employment agencies.

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  $29.00 AUD

Nursing, Physio & Health Science Forms

Accreditation of your educational credentials using an official form issued by a professional registration organisation or institution.  Please upload your form.  Processing time is 8 weeks. 

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  $29.00 AUD

StudentID *: eg: 123456
Family Name *: eg: Zhang
First Given Name *: eg: John
Other Given Name*: eg: Mike. If you do not have another Given Name type n/a.
Date of Birth *: eg: DD/MM/YYYY
First Year of Subject Enrolment *: eg: YYYY. Include year of any non-award studies eg the Extension Program.
Security Code *
These codes are used to make sure that we only have real people like you registering and not automated computer systems. Refresh

If you are unable to successfully verify your identity, please call the University of Melbourne Contact Centre on 13 MELB (136 352) or (+61 3) 90355511 if located outside Australia, for assistance.

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