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Academic Statements - additional shipping cost only.

Only request this product if you need to add an extra shipping cost to an existing Academic Statements order.

Please note that overseas shipping addresses must be written in English (Latin) script.  This is in accordance with international postal conventions.

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Sold by: Academic Records
Phone Number: 13 MELB (136352) International +61 3 9035 5511

Please refer to the Instructions here.

This product is to pay for additional shipping costs for Academic Statement orders. Please note that in most cases, this product is not required. If you order a hardcopy Academic Statement the cost of shipping is usually calculated and added to the cost of the product. However, in some cases an additional payment is required, such as when you want products sent to multiple addresses. If you have any additional requirements or infomration you need to provide, you can add this to the 'Special Requirements' text box in your order.


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