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Documents for skills assessment visa program - Hardcopy

Both an Academic Transcript plus an Evidence of Qualification letter for applying for skills assessment and/or skilled visa for International students who expect to complete their course in the current Semester.  If your delivery address is overseas, please ensure that it is written using the English (Latin) alphabet.  This is in accordance with international postal conventions.

Please note that you cannot order this product on behalf of someone else.

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SAV - Hardcopy
Sold by: Academic Records
Phone Number: 13 MELB (136352) International +61 3 9035 5511

Please refer to the Instructions here.

Select this product to receive an Academic Transcript and an Evidence of Qualification for the purpose of applying for skills assessment and / or skilled visa.

An Academic Transcript is the official record of all of your studies undertaken at the University of Melbourne. It details:

  • Your full name and preferred address as recorded in the student system
  • Your Student ID number
  • Date of course completion
  • Conferral date (Graduation date)
  • Majors
  • the course/s you have undertaken, chronologically by year
  • the subjects code and title
  • the subject Marks, Points and Grades
  • Disciplines (Fields of research)
  • If you discontinued study, or withdrew from a subject
  • Leave of Absence (Start and Finish dates)
  • Prizes, Awards, and Student Achievements
  • Merit based Scholarships
  • Thesis topic if applicable


Evidence of Qualification Statements are available for students who have completed their course. The letter will state:

  • Your Student ID Number,
  • your full name as recorded in the student system,
  • your date of birth,
  • the name of the course(s)you were enrolled in at the University,
  • the date(s) you commenced the course(s) at the University of Melbourne,
  • the Completion date of each course,
  • Honours attained in any course completed,
  • the Conferral(graduation) date if applicable,
  • your status as a full or part-course student,
  • the location of the campus,
  • the language of instruction is English, and,
  • the signatory on the letter is registered with the Department of Immigration for Visa related verfications,

Please state any additional information you require to be included on your Evidence of Enrolment under 'Special Requirements'

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