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Digital Smile Design (DSD) and Contemporary Dental Photography - Wednesday 7 August 2024

Wednesday 7 August 2024

Sold by: Melbourne Dental School
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This full day program offers an introduction to Digital Smile Design and Clinical Dental Photography. It will allow participants to understand the fundamentals of Digital Smile Design and its applications.

The program will also cover the fundamental photographic rules and their application to dental photography.  These include diagnostics, a case presentation, enchanting clinical records, advertising, laboratory communication and treatment planning.

The equipment, accessories and settings required for successful dental photography, will be discussed in an easy-to understand format. Time will also be dedicated to hands-on exercises on a model/patient.

Participants will learn how to:

  •          Analyse and assess facial and dental aesthetics.
  •        Understand communication techniques with patients and interdisciplinary teams for
  • Successful implementation of Digital Smile Design.
  •          Use of the camera and other equipment to achieve successful clinical photography.

Please note: Enrolling participants must bring their own SLR camera, flash accessories for use during this program.


Program Delivery


CPD Credit: 7 hours of scientific CPD


Major Topics include:

  • The problems with conventional aesthetic treatment planning.
  • Digital analysis – face and smile (problems identification).
  •  Digital smile design.
  • Facially driven interdisciplinary treatment plan.
  • Mock-up, try in, and treatment plan presentation.
  •  The objectives of dental photography.
  • Equipment: types of cameras, lenses, different types of flashes.
  • Additional accessories: mirrors, retractors, contrasters.
  • Camera settings: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance.
  • The necessary lighting and different types of lighting equipment available.
  • The standard techniques for taking intraoral and extraoral photos including patient positioning and work of the auxiliary staff.
  • Communication with the dental lab through standardizing the colour output.
  • Portrait photography, including ones that are necessary for the Digital Smile Design.
  • Object photography (macro photography and lighting) for capturing crowns and other lab work.
  • Postproduction: introduction to Adobe software (Lightroom).
  • Discussion of the use of social media for the presentation of dental work.

Dr Boris Cherkasski (Specialist Prosthodontist) Following completion of his master’s degree at Melbourne University, Dr Cherkasski has been in a specialist practice restricted to prosthodontics. Dr Cherkasski is a passionate photographer, both inside and outside his practice. He holds a Certificate in Creative Photography and has been running various lectures and courses on the topics related to dental photography. He is a member of the Australian Dental Association, a full member of the Academy of Australian and New Zealand Prosthodontics and a past president of the Australasian Osseointegration Society (Vic.)

Mrs Maria Vasleva (Photographer) is a professional photographer with over 15 years of experience working in different photographic genre from portrait to commercial and lifestyle photography. She has acquired a Diploma of Photography from The British Higher School of Art and Design and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Maria’s work has been published internationally, including Forbes, L'Officiel, TimeOut, Afisha, Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times. Maria Vasileva is a founder of Vasileff Studio where she works alongside some of the best specialists in the field. Vasileff Studio works with businesses that are burning with desire to communicate their stories through the photographic images.


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