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Anthologie de la Chanson Parisienne au XVIe Siècle

Anthologie de la Chanson Parisienne au XVIe Siècle

ed. François Lesure et al.; x, 146 pp

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ed. François Lesure, with the collaboration of N. Bridgman, I. Cazeaux, M. Levin, K.J. Levy and D.P. Walker. 48 chansons (38 à 4, 8 à 5, 1 à 6, 1 à 7), by Boyvin, Certon, Costeley, du Caurroy, Goudimel, Janequin, Le Jeune, Sermisy and others (see Table of contents).

Hard cover, deluxe edn. Published in Monaco, 1953. A soft cover version of this Anthologie is also available, published in 1979, for the same price.

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