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Tuning in to Kids Online (TIKOL) 1 year subscription – A self-paced online introduction to the evidence-based Tuning into Kids parenting program.

Learn how to connect more closely with your child and all their emotions – big and small – in this self-paced online introduction to the evidence-based Tuning in to Kids parenting program.

Tuning in to Kids Online (TIKOL) includes:

· Ten learning modules

· Ten videos

· Ten home activities

· Revisit the materials as often as you like

· Printable resources

· 12 months access

These materials are also suitable for accredited Tuning in to Kids parent educators to use as a teaching tool.

This product does not include a certificate of completion. 

If you require a certificate of completion from attending an online or in-person Tuning in to Kids parenting program, please contact Tuning in to Kids providers directly to enrol. See detailed description below for more information. 

Sold by: Mindful
Phone Number: +61 3 8344 4434
For product specific queries, contact the email address on the product

What is TIKOL: TIKOL is a self-paced online introduction to the evidence-based Tuning into Kids parenting program.

Who is TIKOL for: TIKOL is suitable for parents and carers of children aged 3-12 years old. TIKOL is also suitable for allied health professionals to use as a teaching tool.

Course Duration: 5 hours self-paced, extra time may be required to complete home activities

Course Content:

For parents of kids aged between 3–12 years, this course will help you to:

· Learn about emotional intelligence / competence and why it matters

· Improve awareness of your child’s emotions. Notice them before they become harder to manage

· Use children’s emotional expressions as an opportunity to connect and teach

· Broaden your language for describing emotions

· Incorporate simple calming strategies into daily life

· Practice problem-solving strategies with your children

Course Delivery:

Learn at your own pace and return to watch content as needed across a twelve-month period. You’ll get ten 8-20 minute videos (with captions) that teach you how to help your child process their emotions with real parents sharing their experiences.

Additional resources:

Put what you learn into practice with follow-up activities and tips on how to recognize and accept your child’s emotions, as well as your own.

Tuning in to Kids parenting programs, when delivered by certified professionals, offer a certificate of attendance upon completion. Parents must contact providers directly to enrol. Common providers throughout Australia include:

Relationships Australia
Better Place Australia
Salvation Army
Anne Hubbard (private practitioner - delivers groups online) 
Kids First Australia
Anglicare Victoria
Mackillop Family Services
Emerging Minds