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Transition to Mental Health Nursing and Allied Health

This short online course has been specifically designed for allied health professionals and registered nurses (RNs) and will provide fundamental knowledge underpinning mental health care in non-mental health settings. 

This self-paced course is comprised of 10 interactive learning modules focussed on the recognising and responding to a person who is experiencing mental health distress. Nurses and allied health professionals will be supported to learn how to build a therapeutic relationship to enable assessment and tailored interventions for consumer, their carers and families. The thread of the modules aligns with understanding worldviews related to mental health and differing of perspectives, including consumer and carers in order to support people experiencing mental ill - health. 

Learners are engaged through video, case studies, simulation and self-assessment activities which enhance and reinforce learning. 

The course is designed to support allied health and registered nurses who will be caring for people in non-mental health settings. 

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