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Inkjet Printing (Standard Custom Length Large Format)

Large format inkjet printing on Epson Enhanced Matte paper (44" roll).

Please note: This item is only available to students enrolled at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

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Sold by: Faculty of Fine Arts and Music
Phone Number: 13 MELB (136352)
Instructions: For product specific queries, contact the above email address

Large format digital inkjet printing on standard paper.

Standard inkjet printing is priced at $0.35c (including GST) per centimeter LENGTH of paper used (the rolls of paper used in the printers are 110cm wide).

For example if your image is 110cm WIDE by 50cm HIGH the total print cost will be $17.50 (50cm x $0.35 = $17.50). 

Click Add to Cart and enter the LENGTH of your print in centimeters into the QTY field. Then Click on Update to calculate the final amount. Click Checkout to complete payment.