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House Price Expectations: Monthly DATA (Subscription)

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House Price Expectations: Monthly DATA (Subscription) - AUD $968.00 (incl. GST)

The House Price Expectations Data presents consumers’ views about expected house prices in Australia. The survey began in July 2009, on a quarterly basis. It became a monthly series from November 2013. The response categories are:

  • Rise by greater than 10 per cent
  • Rise by 10 per cent or less
  • Stay the same
  • Fall by 10 per cent or less
  • Fall by more than 10 per cent
  • Don't know.

This data set contains the time series data (from July 2007 to present) of the House Price Expectations Index (calculated as the proportion of expected rises less the proportion of expected falls plus 100) for Australia as well as disaggregated data by state, age, income and home ownership status.

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