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An addict pleads to rid himself of the mystical force ruling his life. A girl takes drastic action to ensure her grandmother lives forever. A man untangles his memories and succeeds only in unravelling himself.

GLUTT examines the cost of our desires, fusing literary horror and speculative fiction to produce a gut-churning portrayal of wanton desperation.

Darkly humorous and at times eerily grotesque, this debut anthology from author Helena Pantsis toys with fantasy and comedy to explore hunger in its most physical and discarnate forms.

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‘At eleven my chest started to bud, then at twelve I got my first period, and by thirteen the goitre on my throat began to develop teeth. We hadn’t been expecting it, so when I’d walked downstairs one morning and my mother saw a tooth on my neck, she screamed … the doctors had never seen anything like it, and as the hair started to sprout on my legs, so too did the full set of teeth on my throat.’

An original voice from an emerging Australian author, this collection of brilliant, boundary-pushing short stories is a juicy fast-paced read that you can devour in bite-sized chunks. Featuring hand-drawn black-and-white drawings from the author herself, GLUTT is a true sensory delight.

Helena Pantsis is a writer, artist and editor born and based in Naarm. A lifelong glutton, she loves to devour abundantly, to create without rules, and to tell stories in unconventional ways. GLUTT is her debut collection.

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