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François COUPERIN: Complete works V.3: Vocal music

Douze Motets Divers, Supplement, edited by Gilbert-Moroney-Memed.
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Douze Motets Divers, Supplement

210 pp. Edited by Kenneth Gilbert, Davitt Moroney and Orhan Memed


Respice in me (T, bc)

  Élévation. Ornate aras (T, bc, dessus missing)

   Domine salvum fac Regem (S, B, bc)

   Resonent organa (S, T, B, bc, dessus missing)

   Tantum ergo sacramentum (S, A, B, bc)

   Exultent superi (S, T, B, bc, dessus missing)

   Ad te levavi oculos meos (B, 2 dessus, bc)

Salvum me fac Deus (B, dessus, bc)

   Salve Regina (T, bc)

   Usquequo Domine (T, bc)

   Lauda Sion salvatorem (S, A, bc)

   Regina cœli lætare (S, A, bc)

This is the only volume still available in print from the 3 volumes of vocal music. V.1 and V.2 are no longer in print.

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