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Collaborative Ethnomusicology (AMR 13)

Collaborative Ethnomusicology: New Approaches to Music Research between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Australians, edited by Katelyn Barney.

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Collaborative Ethnomusicology explores the processes, benefits and challenges of collaborative ethnomusicological research between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia. While there are many examples of research and recordings that demonstrate close collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, this volume is the first to focus on the ways these processes allow Indigenous and non-Indigenous music researchers to work together and learn from each other. Drawing on case studies from across Australia, each chapter brings significant insights into the many positives and some of the discomforts in collaborative spaces, highlighting the ongoing dialogue needed in order to improve relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and inform the future of ethnomusicological research in Australia.


1       Introduction

         Katelyn Barney 

2       Creative Collaborations in the Contact Zone

         Margaret Somerville 

3       Collaboration, Provenance and Copyright/ “Ownership”: Navigating Challenges in the Production of Torres Strait Islander CD/DVD Projects in Australia

         Karl Neuenfeldt

 4       Mirrwana and Wurrkama: Applying an Indigenous Knowledge Framework to Collaborative Research on Ceremonies

         Payi Linda Ford, Linda Barwick and Allan Marett

 5       Remembrances and Relationships: Rethinking Collaboration in Ethnomusicology as Ethical and Decolonising Practice

         Elizabeth Mackinlay and Gordon Chalmers 

6       Collaborative Music Research at the Contact Zone in Cherbourg, an Aboriginal Community in Queensland

         Katelyn Barney and Monique Proud 

7       Two Decades in the Contact Zone: A Critical Assessment of Process and Productivity in Koori Music Research

         Robin Ryan and Uncle Herb Patten 

8       Consensus and Collaboration in the Making of the National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia

         Aaron Corn and Payi Linda Ford 

9       When Performance Comes before Research: Reflecting on a Tiwi/Non-Tiwi Musical and Research Collaboration

         Genevieve Campbell and Teresita Kilapayu Puruntatameri

10     Singing the Winds of Change: Ethnomusicology and the Generation of New Collaborative Contexts for the Teaching of Warlpiri Knowledge across Generations and Cultures

         Aaron (Japangardi) Corn and Wanta Jampijinpa Patrick

 11     How Do You Feel about Squeezing Oranges:? Dialogues about Difference and Discomfort in Intercultural Ethnomusicological Research Collaboration in the Kimberley

         Sally Treloyn and Rona Googninda Charles


Paperback: xi, 202 p.   RRP $55   ISBN: 9780734037770 ISSN: 1325 5266

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