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Clinical Costing Fundamentals & Analyses

This course will equip healthcare professionals with knowledge and practical skills on the fundamentals of clinical costing and how to analyse and deliver cost-effectiveness in clinical practice in a rapidly changing and complex funding environment. 

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An ageing and growing population, increased prevalence of chronic diseases, and technology-aided advances in treatment contribute to the rise in healthcare costs globally each year. To deliver optimal healthcare performance management, accurate and detailed information on cost, revenue and clinical outcomes is required. Understanding how clinical costing information is developed, determined, utilised and allocated will ultimately empower healthcare professionals to deliver value-based care.

This course comprehensively covers the fundamentals of clinical costing datasets in public hospitals from theory, philosophy to practice. The course explores how financial information aligns with clinical information to establish the cost and identify potential revenue associated with specific clinical tasks. Practical examples of clinical costing in action, including how to analyse and interpret cost data to develop a business case, is provided.