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Themed Supervision: Beginnings and Endings for Tuning In programs - Thursday May 16th 5:00pm-7:00pm AEST

A special two hour online presentation and workshop for certified Tuning in to Kids and Teens facilitators led by Training Co-Ordinator Gianna Mazzone (the Tuning In suite of programs). PLEASE NOTE: This session will be recorded.

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We understand the importance of celebrating and honouring dramatic and significant points in life. But what about the smaller, more mundane moments?

Waking in the morning to begin a new day and falling asleep at night after its end?

The way we begin and end a meal?

It’s interesting to note that whenever humans come into contact with each other, and depending on the level of familiarity, there is usually a greeting that heralds the beginning of contact and often a salutation when marking the end.

When we look at this through a therapeutic lens, what is the impact of starting and ending a session 'well', whether we are working with individuals or in a group work setting?

Come and join Gianna in exploring these questions and how we can provide a sense of completion for our clients so they can move on ‘well’.