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Digital Evidence of Qualification letter

Category: Evidence of Enrolment Product Code: DC2
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$29.00 AUD
Product description:

Digital Evidence of Qualification letters are official academic statements available for students who have completed their course.

The letter will state:

  • Your Student ID Number,
  • your full name as recorded in the student system,
  • your date of birth,
  • the name of the course (s) you were enrolled in at the University,
  • the date (s) you commenced the course (s) at the University,
  • the Completion date of each course,
  • Honours attained in any course completed,
  • the Conferral (graduation) date, if applicable,
  • your status as a full-time or part time student,
  • the location of the campus,
  • the language of instruction was English, and,
  • signed by an official representative of the Academic Registrar.

 Your digital letter will be uploaded to My eQuals.  You will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to access your digital document.

You may request that a .pdf electronic copy of your letter be sent direct to an organisation or other University by direct email from the University of Melbourne.

 'Bespoke' Evidence of Qualification letter:

Additional information may be added to your letter.  Please use the Special Instructions text box to ask for additional details about your study at the University such as Leave of Absence dates, Academic Calendar dates, Clinical placements or internships, Exchange study details etc.

Free Option

A free digital Evidence of Qualification letter may be generated direct at my.unimelb 
The free digital letter is issued automatically within minutes to your email address, however, it will not be uploaded to MyeQuals and there will be no option to include additional text.


Digital Academic Statements orders normally take around 10 business days to process.  After this processing time they are then uploaded to MyeQuals in around 2-4 hours. 

During the peak periods of Dec-Feb and Jul-Aug there may be additonal delays.  You will be notified via email when your document has been uploaded to the University of Melbourne digital repository, MyeQuals.  Read more here about digital academic statements

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If you are unable to successfully verify your identity, please call the University of Melbourne Contact Centre on 13 MELB (136 352) or (+61 3) 90355511 if located outside Australia, for assistance.

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