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Academic Transcript
Evidence of Enrolment
Evidence of Qualification
Skills Assessment and Visa application
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Verification of Qualification - for third parties
Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)
Evidence of Scholarship
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Testamur Replacement

Academic Statements

What is an Academic Statement?

Please see the  Academic Statements website for full descriptions and range of academic statements and how to obtain them.

For answers to most questions go to ask.unimelb


MyeQual and Digital Products:

The University of Melbourne now primarily issues certified Academic Transcripts and other academic statements online via the secure digital repository MyeQuals.

Other digital transmission may be used sometimes.  Therefore the types of Digital Products are:

  • MyeQuals Digital Academic Statements that include standard letters plus 'bespoke' (see below in important points), can be ordered here.  The letter will be uploaded to the University of Melbourne digital repository, MyeQuals.
  • .pdf copies of documents can be transmitted by email to yourself and/or a nominated external organisation, such as to an Admissions office of another University, an institution or organisation such as Singapore Medical Council, a sponsor, a credentialling agency etc.
  • Online educational accreditation:  some organisations are now online, such as World Education Services (WES) and the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).  Please contact them to proceed in the best and most effective way for your application and how to have your documents prepared by the University.
  • Currently enrolled students may order a Digital academic transcript for $20 at my.unimelb


Paper or Hardcopy

The University of Melbourne will only issue paper or hardcopy Academic Statement in explanatory circumstances. If you do require a paper/hardcopy document for presenting to another party or organisation you may order here and write up your reasons in the Special Requirements text box for consideration and approval.


Visa deadline?

 Please allow plenty of time for the issuing of your academic statement you need for Visa purposes.


Turnaround times

Processing Times:

Due to a high number of orders the current turnaround time is up to 20 working days for all products except the following two:

(1) Nursing, Physio and Health Sciences forms and (2) Academic Transcripts for Before 1974 studies or at an amalgamated institution (eg Hawthorn Institute of Education).  These two products may take up to 8 weeks to prepare.

You will be notified via email when your academic statement has been shipped (transmitted as an electronic document or uploaded to MyeQuals).

Delivery (uploading) Timeframe (in addition to processing time):

 Digital (MyeQuals): 2-4 hours from time of processing


No Refund 

Please note that there is no refund for the reason of "change of mind" within the University's Refund Policy.  It is important to be sure that you need the document that you are purchasing and take the time to double check your payment when you are in the Check Out and Payment steps. 


 More than one Destination 

If you want your digital/electronic academic statement transmitted to more than one destination please do separate orders for each.

Semester 2, 2021 - other important points

    • Free academic transcripts are uploaded to MyeQuals when you complete your course.
    • A second free academic trancript will be uploaded to MyeQuals on the date your degree is conferred
    • 'bespoke' academic statements:  Other information from your academic records may be written in your evidence of enrolment or qualification letter.  Please use the Special Instructions text box to ask.  eg Semester dates, Exchange, Leave of Absence, Clinical placement dates, etc.  
    • Accreditation of your educational credentials:  Upload Forms from an organisation who require your educational credentials to be authenticated using their form eg LSAC, WES, Harvard, HCPC, CAPR. 
    • Debt (eg Fees, Library fines) will delay the provision of your academic statement.


    Using the system:

    Special Instructions text box: Use to write in any special requirements for text or shipping. 

    Upload Forms and personal identification when needed.  Any documentation uploaded about your Scholarship, Awards, or extended completion date is beneficial.

    Check carefully - before you tick authorise:

    • that your personal details are correctly entered
    • that you have uploaded any necessary personal ID or forms or documentation.
    • that you have the correct quantity of academic transcripts selected









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