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Statistics for Research Workers using R and R Markdown (Full$1,485 and UoM Student $1100) cancellation fee applies

Category: Statistical Consulting Centre Product Code: SCC_SRW_R_Nov2022
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Wednesday, 23 November to 30 November 2022

Statistical topics covered will include estimation, hypothesis testing, regression and inference based on the normal distribution. This is a six day course, and the timetable is deliberately arranged so that there is a weekend break during the course. The course covers: Descriptive statistics; graphs, tables, summary statistics. Introduction to estimation and confidence intervals. The normal distribution; means and variances of sums of random variables; the Central Limit Theorem; the normal approximation to the binomial distribution. Confidence intervals for means and proportions. Introduction to hypothesis testing. Tests for differences in location between two populations with matched samples: sign test, Wilcoxon signed-rank test, t-test. The relationship between confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. Tests for differences in location between two populations with independent samples: t-test. Testing for difference in location of more than two populations. Analysis of variance (F-test), multiple comparisons. Two-way classifications: analysis of variance (F-test), interaction. Determination of sample size. Design of experiments: randomization, blocking, replication, confounding. Standard designs. Correlation and straight line regression. Multiple regression. Analysis of categorical data; contingency tables.

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