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Infant Mental Health Advanced Training 2023 - Semester 1 2023 Fees minus Deposit (over 2 instalments)

Welcome to Mindful's Infant Mental Health Advanced Training for 2023.

The fee for 2023 is $8,500 + GST, payable across two semesters at $4,675 ($4,250+GST).

This product is for Semester 1 2023 fees of $4,475 inc GST ($4675 less $200 deposit), paid across 2 instalments of $2,237.50. Please add this item to your cart and proceed to checkout to pay.

If you have not already done so, please email us at to advise the date that you will be making the remaining instalment for your S1-2023 IMHAT fees.

If you are having difficulties with payment, please contact us on

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Mindful is funded by the Victorian Department of Health to train specific cohorts of clinicians in the Victorian public health sector.


The information you provide at registration will be used by authorised staff only for the purposes for which it was collected - enrolment and course administration. Basic contact information will be retained for student alumni management and to inform members of our industry of future training opportunities which may be of interest. All information will be protected against unauthorised access and use. You may access any personal information you have provided to the University, through Mindful, or request removal from our contact list after completion of your course, by contacting us at the or telephone +61 3 8344 2000. The University of Melbourne is committed to protecting personal information provided by you in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic). All information collected by the University is governed by the University’s Privacy Policy. For further information about how the University deals with personal information, please refer to the University’s Privacy Policy or contact the University’s Privacy Officer at



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For product specific queries, contact the email address on the product


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