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Dental Alliance 2024



DentAlliance is a collaboration of four prestigious dental schools with each bringing their world-leading expertise to enhance professional practice in dentistry. Together, we present a program that delivers global insights into contemporary trends in clinical dentistry and future perspectives.

This exciting program features engaging content, practical case studies, hands-on training, and clinical insights from a range of experts. Examine the latest in emerging trends and innovations in the dentistry, alongside topical discussion and live Q&As. For more information on DentAlliance please click here.


                   Proposed CPD – 2024                       Developed by Proposed Timelines
Paediatrics workshop NUS 2024 February
Endodontics Workshop UOM Postponed until 2024
Oral Pathology Workshop UNC  2024 February - June
Aesthetic Dentistry Workshop KCL 2024 July- November


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Everyday Paediatric Dentistry Made Easy

This program is especially designed to provide practitioners with tips and tricks into innovative new approaches for managing dental care for children.

The program will combine pre-clinic and clinic hands-on sessions from experts in paediatric dentistry. You will be introduced to practical skills such as:


  • The application of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)
  • The placement of stainless steel crowns using the Hall techniques
  • Painless injections: The use of computer- assisted local anaesthesia delivery (STA Wand)
  • Resin Infiltration to improve aesthetics

These are essential skills for general practice that will enable you to offer evidencebased, patient-focused care for children.

There will also be a treatment planning workshop where participants have the opportunity to share their own cases in a small group environment, and seek our experts thoughts about treatment planning for complex paediatric cases.


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