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A.1_2023 Developmental Psychiatry Course (DPC)_Theory+Clinial_full fee

This link is for 2023 Developmental Psychiatry Course (DPC) _Theory+Clinical_full fee
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2023 DPC (Theory+Clinical)_full fee
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The Developmental Psychiatry Course is a one-year course (1 day/week) for professionals who aim to develop their knowledge and skills in assessing children, adolescents, young people and families presenting with a variety of social, emotional, behavioural, and developmental difficulties. The course builds a foundational knowledge in normal and abnormal development across the developmental stages, and builds competency in assessment, diagnosis, formulation, and treatment planning. While not being a university award program (ie completion of the course does not lead to the award of a formal university degree or diploma), the course has been accepted for more than forty years as the benchmark for vocational training in fundamental skills for the child adolescent, and youth mental health field.


2023 DPC (Theory +Clinical) full fee:  $2,042(Incl GST)